Teamtap - Funded projects management software

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Did you realize only after project completion that you hadn't reported every cost that could have been financed?
Do you have exceedingly complicated Excel sheets?
Do you have reporting problems?
Project participants don't report work progress status as expected and within expected time limits?
Do you have trouble computing labour costs?
If you answered Yes to at least one question, TeamTap is the solution for You!

Projects under control

Progress of projects and costs in real time.
Potential anomalies are reported promptly.
The delta between how much has been spent and how much can be spent is always available.

Over 500 projects managed, with contributions amounting to over 150 million Euros during the last 4 years

Automatic personnel costs management

Worked hours audit by matching with payslips and automatic computation of labour costs.
Warnings on budget overspending and/or anomalies configurable for every project.

Calculation of cost per man hour configurable using over 100 distinct voices from the payslip

Visibility and transparency

To everyone their data.
Possibility to partition users by project and internal department.
Every user, depending on their visibility rights, sees and manages only those projects they participate to.

Over 50 departments managed with 15 user roles

Work advancement status

Notifications and warnings allow joint management of work advancement.
Possibility of exporting to MS Project, PDF, Excel.

During the last 4 years we managed hundreds of work advancement reports.


Evidence of anomalies in a proactive way.
Continuous help to enter the right information at the right time.
Weekly report of costs for all participants to the projects. Montlhy reports for users and projects.

Dozens of warnings can be defined by project managers proactively.

Timesheets and reporting

User timesheet to definitely eliminate cost reporting errors.
Stop risking to report more hours than actually worked or to report the same hours on multiple projects.

2000 people have worked on the projects and filled their timesheets

Calendar and notifications

General calendar that shows deadlines and important meetings!
Automatic expiration notices help remember cost or work advancement reporting

Dozen of periodic notices sent by e-mail, thousands of events and notifications handled

Tailored to your business

Define your own project rules (costs, contributions, risk analysis and reporting).

Over 100 project types managed so far (Internal Projects, EU projects, Italian regional and national projects - POR's and PON's, Foundations, Horizon 2020, etc.)


Integrations with information systems in your business and with prominent existing services to avoid information duplication.

Already integrated with several payroll systems and the most common business analytics systems

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